How to Have a Higher Chance on Winning Poker With a Bad Card

How to Have a Higher Chance on Winning Poker With a Bad Card

Every poker player in the world despised getting a bad card. Having two and seven cards drive them insane and make them fold. But, there are times where professional poker players win even if their cards are losing. Psychology and a keen eye play a considerable part in their win.

Humans Have a Response to Everything

Winning poker with a bad card

We, as humans, have a response to everything that happens around us without even noticing it. This incredible human trait helps us survive for thousands of years. But, in poker, this is either your greatest weapon or utter downfall.

You have an emotional stimulus in your body. Emotional stimulus means that whatever happens in your surroundings, you have a corresponding reaction to it. Let's say you got a bad card, and it's a piece of bad news to you. Your response will base on that. You'll look distraught or defeated without you noticing it. Not just on how you look, body movements show it too. Having a sound card shows the opposite, you're smiling, and you're giddy in your seat.

Use this human trait as a weapon against your enemies. Try to minimize your reaction as much as possible if it so happens you got a bad card. Then watch your enemies closely as they look at their cards and try to pick up the signals their body is giving out. Being observant will help you decide to push through or fold.

Bluffing Can Be Your Saving Grace

Winning poker with a bad card bluffing

Bluffing, in a nutshell, is expressing an emotion or reaction different from what you feel. In other words, pretending. Try to act confident and happy upon seeing your cards because it is very likely that your opponents are watching too. Give them the opposite of what you feel, and it will throw them off their strategy.

Remember that enemies can bluff too, so observe every detail of their faces and every minute movement they create because they can't hide everything.

Try to Raise the Heat

Winning poker with a bad card

If you get a bad card, the chances of losing are quite high. If you read up on the past two tips, then this will be the icing on the cake.

If you happen to notice a change in your enemy's movements or inconsistencies in their emotions and mannerisms, it might be a sign that their bluffing. To confuse them, try bluff raising.

Bluff raising is a risk taken by a player to get another player to fold. By raising the pot even though their cards aren't reliable, it would fluff out the bluffers and intimidate your enemies in folding their good cards. Be warned; if your opponent has a really good card, this might backfire on you.

No matter what tactics and tricks you have in poker, the best tip would be to know when to fight and know when to fold.